Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall 2010 Wood Kiln Opening

With a sharp eye, we allowed the kids to make small kilns of their own. Juliana & Cade were able to heat up their kiln to 950 degrees, Avery & Caley got their kiln up to 1100 degrees and Ivey had fun just building his kiln. They had a great time and it was wonderful to watch them as well! It was a great time and maybe some future helpers!

As far as the wood kiln,

We are preparing for our Kiln Opening, Saturday, November 6th from 9am - 5pm with a Preview and Refreshments starting at 8:00am and ending at 8:50am. We fired the wood kiln for 4 days and have had a very successful result. Here are some photos of the firing and different pieces that will be available. If you would like to view some of the pots, please visit the Preview Current Fall Wood Kiln Opening 2010 on our website.
Ben Owen Pottery.

Special thanks goes out to my fellow potters and friends that helped with the four day firing!

Benjamin Burns
Chris Luther
Jeffrey Dean
David Stuempfle
Tim Ayers
Molly Poore
Bryan Pulliam
Cody Jeffcoat
Takuro Shibata

Wayne Smith helping unload the kiln.


  1. Nice Pots Ben. Hope the sale went great today. Looks like you have some up and coming potters in the family. Hope you guys have a wonderful and restful rest of the weekend. See you soon.

  2. I always wanted to try a wood firing kiln. They came out very nice. Those beautiful huge pots are amazing!